How to use it?

Establish Your Own Reference UV FastChec Strips for “Good” and “Bad” UV Cure

A “minimum cure” Strip will represent the point at which product is still successfully curing, but it is time to perform maintenance on your UV curing system. (That may mean swapping your UV lamps and/or reflectors for new ones, or simply cleaning from them the residue that accumulates over time.)

Remember, UV FastCheck Strips only indicate UV dose received. They do not tell you what is causing the decline in measured UV dose. That is up to you to ascertain. 

Whatever you determine your needs to be, you must compare each FastCheck Strip tested to your reference Strips prior to curing this product* on this UV curing machine.

* * Each machine and each product cured on it will require its own reference set. Additional reference sets will need to be created if this product is cured on different UV curing machines.